Photo by Edgar Castrejon on Unsplash

The Love Food Fair

Sydney suburbs have a vibrant food culture with a variety of restaurants whose mission goes beyond making delicious, plant-based food. By creating the Love Food Fair we want to bring this variety to the heart of the City of Sydney.

Some of Sydney’s most passionate green restaurants, covering a variety of cuisines, will surprise you with their signature dishes during lunchtime in a relaxed weekend-market-style atmosphere. 

An important part of our philosophy in organising this event is to reduce plastic waste generated from single-use food containers as much as possible. Therefore, we have made this a plastic-free event and welcome our customers to bring their own food containers by granting a discounted price. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to have a taste of our love for food to nurture your mind, body, and soul!

Our philosophy

Sometimes it feels like the day just flies away and we wonder what happened - how did I spend my time?

How about it's time to take a step back and use your lunch time to pay attention to the things around you and within you.

We believe choosing a plant-based meal can help you find this ease of mind. It’s not just good for the environment, for animals and your health, but eating mindfully and with compassion will bring contentment and love! 

To make it easy to remember what we are about, just look at our logo. By increasing the number of plant-based meals per week you:

 help the environment

help the environment

show love for animals

improve your health

So come and join us at the Love Food Fair where you will enjoy amazing plant-based food, with good company in the spirit of helping our environment and spreading love and compassion.